AGM and Meeting 9th October 2019

AGM and Meeting 9th October 2019

The meeting was held in the Community Lounce JMHS Sports Center


Vicky Baker Trustee
Sandra Dudley Treasurer
Donald Henderson Trustee
Laurence Brown Chair


Welcome and Apologies


  • Treasurer
  • Chair

Election of Officers

Election of Trustees

Any Other Business

Discussion notes:


Co-Chair, Rainey Provins

Treasurer’s report:

Sandra detailed the 2018 – 2019 FJMHS finance report, with a surplus of £7,330.39.

Report summary as follows:

Income:               £9,367.27

Expenses:           £5,602.34

Surplus:               £3,764.93

Closing balance: £7,330.39

Chair’s Report:

The previous AGM minutes were approved.

Laurence thanked the treasurer and trustees for their continuing support and indicated that a new Chair needs to be elected for this academic year.


Proposed, Sandra Dudley, seconded, Laurence.

Other committee members and Trustees:

Donald Henderson, proposed by Vicky, seconded by Sandra.

Vicky Baker, proposed Laurence, seconded Donald

As there was no representation from the school or any parents at the AGM it was acknowledged that the Chair and Secretary positions would remain vacant.

The committee will enter this academic year in ‘sleeping mode’

The previous academic year’s events were discussed with details of the Treasurer’s report.

2018-2019 was a successful social year for the school and committee fund raising, with proceeds of £9,367.27.

The lottery is to still be promoted and maintained by Donald Henderson, who will also provide the Second-hand school uniform service.

Sandra will liaise with the school on spending suggestions, and request details of spending to date for reporting purposes; the Coop report needs to be submitted in November.

Vicky Baker is to look into yellow school markings to prevent parking outside the school gates.

Many thanks to the attendee committee members for their sterling support with events over the past year, thanking the committee for their efforts, and respectfully suggesting the school and parent body offers greater engagement over this coming academic year.

Thank you,


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