Invitation to make a Donation to JMHS As you know, there is currently a lot of pressure on school finances across the country, including your children’s school, John Masefield High School (JMHS).  Friends of JMHS invites you to support school by easing that pressure.  FJMHS funds will be used on a broad range of projects across school and will be regularly reviewed and decided by the school and FJMHS. Ideally a monthly donation, say £2 a month, allows FJMHS to plan ahead as we can see a regular income coming in. Alternatively, a lump sum donation is of course welcome. We use Evershare  to process your donation as they are the cheapest on the market and allows us to collect gift aid simply and easily. Evershare use Moneyhub as their cash collection service, so do not be alarmed when you get redirected to the Moneyhub website to make your donation.

Please scan or click the QR code to donate. When you enter the amount you want to pay and click the Donate button, you will be asked if you want to pay via your bank app or by a credit card. Choosing the bank app option will  then ask you to log into your bank’s online banking app and transfer the money from there. This is much cheaper than using a credit card and easier when done on a mobile phone and is the preferred option. You can also register the donation for Gift Aid which will increase the value of your donation, so please enter your email when requested to register for this.

SCAN or Click the QR to make a Donation

More information about Gift Aid We can claim an additional 25% of your donation directly from the government in Gift Aid. Please complete the Gift Aid questions when you set up your donation. Gift aid will then be claimed for us by Evershare directly from HMRC. Would you rather not donate on-line? If you prefer to pay by cheque, then please make cheques payable to ‘Friends of John Masefield High School’, and address the envelope to Sandra Dudley, Treasurer, FJMHS. Either deliver by hand to school reception, or post to: John Masefield High School, Mabel’s Furlong, Ledbury, HR8 2HF.  If you could provide contact details, we will forward a gift aid declaration form to you, thank you.

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